rsecke (ar·sec), the Center of Cybersecurity Knowledge

The Center of Cybersecurity Knowledge is an educational institution that aims to teach security topics in an engaging manner. This blog strives to be a secondary platform that provides a springboard to quickly learn about security tools, tactics, and technologies with technical depth in mind.


  • CPTC 2021-2022 Intergalactic Champion
    • 1st Place: Western Region
    • 1st Place: Internationally
  • 2021 Director of SWIFT Labs
  • Soon to be 1 x Tech Symposium speaker (WIP)

About Me

  • D1 hooper turned aspiring pentester turned blue teamer 😎
  • PowerShell is my favorite programming language
  • Part-time cybersecurity infrastructure god
  • Big fan of Web Apps, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, and Ansible (still learning)